Our Story

Lexpansio was born in response to the real needs of legal practitioners and in order to fill the gap between current industry pressures and modern clients’ demands on the traditional infrastructure of law firms.

Lexpansio’s solutions are invented, designed, tested and applied by lawyers with the aim of sharing the benefit of automation with fellow colleagues.

Dealing with legal matters and providing legal services on a daily basis led us to conclude that the legal industry is lagging behind other sectors of the economy when it comes to the application of technology to perform many tasks. While the newest technologies are being implemented in almost every aspect of business today, thereby accelerating the provision of services and cutting down on costs, the legal industry has – at least until recently – remained resistant to such an idea. Yet now, when faced with more-for-less pressure, legal service providers are looking for smart ways to compete on the market. This means keeping abreast of new technologies and learning how to embrace and effectively use them in their daily work.

With that in mind, in July 2016 Marcin Ciemiński, Karolina Jackowicz and Sabina Kubsik, lawyers with many years of academic and professional experience, approached Mateusz Jarus, an engineer and the CEO of software house Expansio, with whom they created Lexpansio. The founders’ initial idea was to conduct advanced scientific and market research and, as a result, provide novel and highly specialized IT solutions adapting the newest technologies to the needs of the legal community, desiring to resolve both the challenges they encounter daily in their legal work, and prepare for the future by designing innovative solutions for legal practitioners. Currently, Lexpansio focuses on creating and embracing products and services that automate routine tasks, thereby enabling lawyers to focus on high-quality, strategic work and on embedding themselves in business.